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Ticket Pricing

Phase Duration Price / ticket
Phase 1 20 June–4 July R200
Phase 2­ 5 July–18 July R240
Phase 3­ 19 July–1 August R260
Phase 4­ 2 August–15 August R280
Phase 5­ 16 August–26 August R300

Hotbox Express Tickets

Description Price / ticket
Hotbox Express­ - Transport & Festival Ticket R350
Hotbox Express­ - Transport Ticket Only R150

Hotbox Express

The Hotbox Express will depart from Aandklas at 12:30 & travel to Grietfest & return at 00:30

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Olmeca VIP Experience tickets

Description Price / ticket
Early Bird VIP Ticket (Limited) R480
VIP Ticket (Limited) R520

The VIP experience gets you:

VIP toilet access.
VIP R10 bar access with artists.
Viewing deck access.

Very Important!

Tickets can be purchased online through our website only by clicking the buy button above. Do not buy tickets anywhere else as we cannot vouch that they are legit and you could end up with some dud tickets. SAD FACE!

Tickets will be released in "phases" ranging from cheapest to more expensive closer to the time of the event. So ultimately it’s up to you to get in early if you want to save some money.

You may pay for your ticket in the following ways:

Credit Card / EFT

Please take note there are booking fee's associated with the online purchase of these tickets and are not included in the ticket price.

If you need help with purchasing your tickets or having any issues, just email and we'll sort you out :)